Kate Harrison lives and works in London
B. Stoke on Trent, 2001

Contact: Harrison.kate1@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: @katherineofarrogance

Through material-led sculpture and manipulation of pre-existent objects Kate Harrison’s practice considers art as a set of iterative skills, temporal forms and collective relations. Harrison is interested in challenging coercive economic powers and subtle hierarchical systems that are invasive in both public and private lives by developing a practice that is paradoxically not subsumable under the law of value in order to transcend status as a commodity. This transcension of course then becomes a commodity in itself, in a sense creating absolute commodity as a non-identity, a unique thing in a world of reproducible things highlighting and heightening a sensuous immediacy of labour.
The labour in her making materialises administrative apparatus of industry, this is what happens to labour-power under conditions of generalised commodity production. It is not something that distorts or impedes the production process as a result of external ‘interference’ but works with a space to act on intellectual decisions in a qualitatively different kind of way, the hand moves not in response to sensuous representation of an external object but in selection, arrangement, superimposition and juxtaposition of a conceptual schema to confront preexistent reality within the absurd where the capitalist value form is contested.

BFA Slade School of Fine Art (2021- 2024).

Group Exhibitions
2024 - Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show, London.
2023 - Assemblage - Kunstraum, London.